Damascus 33 layers nakiri 180 - nema na zalihi


Ručno kovan nož, na kojem su vidljivi tragovi čekića, još je jedan odličan proizvod Sakai Takayuki. Nakiri nož se najčešće upotrebljava za rezanje povrća. Dvostrano brušena oštrica, tvrdoće 61 HRC od Vg10 čelika, je obučena u mekše slojeve nehrđajućeg čelika. To joj daje zanimljiv damask uzorak. Drška je od mahagonija otpornog na vlagu. Nož ne smijemo prati u perilici za suđe.


This hand-forged knife with visible traces of the hammer is another excellent product by Sakai Takayuki. An excellent knife for chopping vegetables on a cutting board! The double-bevel blade has the hardness of 61 HRC. The blade is clad in softer layers of stainless steel, which give the knife an interesting Damascus pattern and protect it well against corrosion. The handle of the knife is made of mahogany, which is very resistant to moisture. Do not wash in a dishwasher! To place an order please contact us at luka@osterrob.si.

Material opis: 
Ročaj opis: 
Les mahagonij
Dimensions: 180 mm × 60 mm × 3 mm


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