Tojiro 37 dp Santoku

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Odličan, svestrani kuhinjski nož za domaćeg ili profesionalnog kuhara. Laminacija i kovanje daju čeliku vrhunsku kvalitetu. Damask uzorak je kod svakog modela malo drukčiji. Drška je drvena.

 Tojiro 37 DP Santoku

 This hand-forged multi-purpose kitchen knife santoku with a slightly more compact handle is an indispansable tool for a professional or a home cook for cutting vegetables, but also meat and fish. The excellent vg10 steel has been forged up to the hardness of 60-61 HRC, and at the same time has been clad in 36 layers of softer, corrosion-resistant steel. The blade is insensitive to external factors, it is very sharp and easy to resharpen. One of the features of this santoku knife is an excellent balance.

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Material opis: 
37 layers damascus steel
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Dimensions: 170 mm × 1.7 mm × 45 mm