ZDP-189 Gyuto silver


Nož je izrađen u kovačnici Yoshida Hamone u Japanu, u obiteljskom poduzeću s vrlo dugom tradicijom ručne izrade različitog oruđa, kuhinjskih noževa i starodavnih japanskih mačeva – katana. Kovačnica Yoshide Hamona ima puno iskustva s kovanjem čelika ZDP-189 na tradicionalan način.

Gyuto 21 cm je dobar za rezanje ribe, mesa i povrća. Nikako njime ne smijemo rezati tvrde namirnice npr. kosti ili smrznutu hranu. Njegova najveća prednost je dugotrajna savršena oštrina. 

Srce noža je čelik ZDP-189 kojeg smo izabrali zato što je kroz razna testiranja pokazao odlične karakteristike i dugotrajnu oštrinu.

Laminirani čelik – sredina je od tvrdog čelika obučena u vanjski sloj mekšeg nehrđajućeg čelika. Takva oštrica ostane dugo vremena oštra. Radi mekšeg vanjskog čelika lakše se brusi i ujedno štiti unutarnji sloj čelika od vanjskih faktora.

Silver poliran oštrica je najbolja gladke, fine i najpreciznije rezove.

Taj proizvod je vrhunac ručno kovanog kuhinjskog noža – najbolji čelik, svestrani profil, odlična funkcionalnost i prekrasan izgled. Zbog toga je idealan izbor za svakog koji traži najbolje karakteristike i svestranu uporabu. Te će karakteristike doći do potpunog izražaja u profesionalnoj i domaćoj kuhinji.


The knife is manufactured at the smithery of Yoshida Hamono in Japan, a family company with an age-long tradition in manufacturing state-of-the-art tools and Japanese swords, i.e. katanas, by hand. Yoshida Hamono has a great deal of experience forging ZDP-189 steel in the traditional manner.

The heart of the knife is made of ZDP-189 steel, which we selected because systematic testing has proven its superior qualities and long-lasting sharpness. 

ZDP- 189 is Powdered High Speed Tool Steel - The process of producing these steels is different than those used in other types of steels. The process is called Powder Metallurgy, which calls for rich chemical composition. The blades made from these steels are often used to cut hard materials. This steel is often referred to as the next generation of special steel.

The pure carbon content of ZDP-189 makes it one of the most edge retentive alloy in the knife industry. What makes the ZDP-189 steel remarkable is that it can be hardened up to HRC 65-67 without any problems of chipping. The manufacturing processes of this steel make it one of the toughest steel available on the market today.

Serious users and professional chefs prefer to use knives made from ZDP-189 steel because of its superior cutting performance and longer edge retention.

The steel is laminated, which entails that the core is made of very strong steel covered with an external layer of softer stainless steel. Such a blade remains sharp for a very long time, its softer external layer makes it easier to sharpen, and it also protects the core steel from external factors.

With its typical functionality, the Gyuto design is intended for versatile use best for chefs who prefer medium size multi-purpose knife.

The blade is finished to a mirror polish hair line finish, which is suitable for finest cuts.

The knife is not suitable for cutting hard stuff such as bones or frozen foods!

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Dimensions: 210 mm × 45 mm × 2 mm


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